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January 19, 2021

Your Guide to Standing Out in the Cacophony – Content Marketing

Here’s revealing some crucial content marketing tips to light that fire under your sales curve!

Did you know that there are 40,000 Google searches per second? And yes, we googled that! But that’s just the traffic of one search engine, Digital entails so much more; as of 2021, 3.78 billion users scroll through social media each day! And while this means increased opportunities for a brand’s communication, we must realize that we’re now dealing with a platform blaring with content.

Content Marketing

So, how do we make sure ours isn’t just lost in the clutter? 

Content Marketing, which is still surprisingly underrated in the industry, focuses on creating, publishing, and promoting relevant and valuable content online. From blogs to emailers and social media posts, while businesses focus on ‘communicating,’ many overlook the importance of the ‘message.’ 

In this article, we’ve shared tips on writing content that converts. 

Steps for creating your Content Strategy:


You’re going to be shooting arrows in the sky without a goal, or as our analogy calls for it, a target. Any piece of content created without a purpose in mind doesn’t spell sustainable growth. Are you looking to attract new prospects? Or build customer loyalty by assuring the current ones? Once you know the reason you’re writing, you’ll automatically choose the words that your purpose demands. 


To stand out in the clutter, you must be aware of what’s in it, and the perfect segue into implementing a content strategy is knowing what not to do. While 2020 was the year we had to rethink most of our strategies, it saw an increased acceptance of immersive technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. This integration in communication is here to stay and we’ve just begun to explore its potential. 

  • Tip: Extensively read on the market conditions to know how you can experiment with your options to deliver something unique. 

Know your audience:

Words we’ve heard one too many times in communication but often tend to overlook during the hustle. At all times, we’re dealing with people across the buyer’s journey, including clients, hesitant prospects, and any new visitor who stumbles upon our content. 

You could either full proof your words to tick the checkboxes of all or address the ones your business then demands. For instance, 2020 has brought about a drastic shift in consumption patterns, brands are now investing in customer retention instead of generating quick leads.

  • Tip: User-generated content delivers utmost authenticity; with a plethora of options available to inspire your creativity, you can choose from a range of contests, challenges, DIY videos, and collaborations. 
  • Tip: Customers first experience the product/service in their mind; make sure to paint a picture with your words. 

Trust data over intuition:

Digital has bestowed the benefit of metrics on all those marketers staying on toes to realize what their customers want. Numbers allow our creative juices to flow in the right direction, for instance, statistics highlight, emails with a video have a 96% higher click-through rate than those without. While this is just an example, data helps us stay relevant across blogs, social media profiles, and other digital endeavours.

  • Tip: With everyone turning to Digital in 2020, the significance of actionable insights available through data is limitless; learn what metrics you should be tracking on social media. 

Maintain Consistency:

Last but not least, once you have a long-term content plan in place, implement it across all your endeavours. Right from the tone of voice you’ve chosen to the daring/diplomatic stance you maintain, everything must be uniform. 

  • Tip: Feel free to revisit past content for inspiration or simply reuse it with a creative twist; this helps one stick to the brand identity while incorporating present trends.

While we’ve listed the basic steps, there’s no one-way-fits-all in marketing. Use all the insights you’ve gathered from the above parameters to inspire your creativity and experiment with your content; after all, no mic-drop moment pans out from the mundane. 

Another tip before you leave, noticed that we’ve written the article in second-person POV? If you’ve stuck long enough to read this, you just proved that it works better!