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December 23, 2020

5 Easy Ways to Predict Your Website Quality (SEO KPI)

In the phase of ‘digital-era’, the dominance of having a strong online presence for a thriving business is incalculable. Setting a suitable website goes far beyond mentioning your name & contact details. While working on your site, certain considerations are to be made that ensures huge Organic Traffic which results in top rankings. You can foresee your online visibility by taking care of Search Engine Optimization KPIs for your website. We cannot deny the fact that even the most attractive website is of no use if it fails to get Traffic & is incapable to convey the useful information to the visitors. Therefore, you should design the website by following a strategy that can effectively showcase your Brand Image.

Forecasting Your Website Quality Using Some Easy Steps

  1. Tracking Pageviews:
    Keep a record of number of views that your pages are receiving. This will give you a brief idea about how prominent & compelling your pages are. Also, it helps you to measure which page is most liked by the readers and is gaining greater interest.
  2. Calculating Bounce-Rate:
    This parameter depicts the number of viewers who immediately exit the page and do not perform any activity on it. A low bounce rate is very much preferable as it means that user finds your information relevant and they invest time in navigating through it.
  3. Refining Website Load Time Efficiency:
    It is a common fact that if a site is taking longer than expected to load then viewers will switch to other relevant searches. Therefore, it is crucial that we keep in mind that the website should not load with latency.
  4. Measure Keyword Click-Through Frequency:
    This basically defines the number of clicks versus number of times your website appears in the searches. For analysing the Performance of your Keywords & Ads it is mandatory to take care of your Click-through-rate. The higher the CTR the better it is!
  5. Monitoring Keyword Opportunities:
    In order to identify how efficiently your primary keyword is contributing towards the growth of your website, you should Track its Ranking. For this there are numerous tools available which will help you to get exact results.

These parameters will definitely help you to Analyse Your Online Performance and then strategize accordingly to progress. Improvising your website not only helps you to reach potential customers but also to avail lucrative opportunities. However, to boost your score, there are countless ways out of which adopting tailored digital marketing techniques for your business can give you phenomenal results.

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