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Good design is good business - Thomas John Watson Jr

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UX / UI Design

The UX/UI design of your website or application greatly impacts the user experience and customer satisfaction. And 88% of users are not likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.

At Digixlabs, we offer a comprehensive range of UX/UI design services ranging from research to prototype design and final implementation. Our design services are tailored as per your requirements and can help you generate an ROI of up to $100 per every $1 spent.

Our UX/UI design services include:

UX Research

Wireframes & Prototypes

Mobile App Designs

Web App Designs

Dashboard Designs

Icons and Adaptations

Digital Branding

As Google says, "brands are the solution."
If you want your customers to take you seriously, you need to go beyond traditional public relations. Now, customers prefer brands that they can relate to.

At Digixlabs, we provide full-cycle digital branding services. We help you develop your brand attributes, devise a brand strategy, and deploy robust communication techniques to engage your customers better.

Our digital branding services include:

Social Media Creatives

Newsletter Designs

Presentation Design

Infographic Designs


Landing pages

Marketing Collateral

A large majority of businesses fail because they can't get their message across clearly. Your customers aren't interested in who you are or what you do. They're interested in how you can change their life. And this message should reflect in your marketing collateral.

We develop compelling marketing collateral for your brand that showcases your brand message clearly. Our services are focused on designing marketing materials that encourage your customers to be a part of your brand.

Our marketing collateral services include:

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Designs

Corporate Branding

Print Ads Design

OOH Ads designs

Package designs